Enter the Growing Metaverse Space With CoinVR!

CoinVR is a token that can be used in the future to invest in digital metaverse objects like NFT and digital land parcels


CoinVR Exchange

CoinVR is compatible with a majority of decentralized exchanges based on Ethereum protocol. Based on the current market value, you can exchange your token in Ethereum or other tokens.

  • Truly Decentralized

    We don't collect commission on token transfers

  • Fast & Secure

    When you transfer your tokens, your funds are safe

  • ETH2 Ready

    Expect lower gas fees in Q3 2022


CoinVR Road Map

We have an ambitious future and we want to share our vision with you

  • Q2 2021

    Launch of token on Ethereum blockchain and website

  • Q1 2022

    Public token sale to fund development of CoinVR metaverse

  • Q3 2022

    Metaverse launch in beta version


CoinVR Mobile Wallet

CoinVR is an ERC20 token, compatible with many self-custody wallet apps.

  • Metamask

    iOS, Android & Web

  • Coinbase Wallet

    iOS & Android

  • Trust Wallet

    iOS & Android

ERC20 Standard Compliant
1 Billion Total Supply

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